Hello! And thank you for visiting my website!
My name is Libby and I’m a professional Tarot Reader. After a lifelong interest in divination I was “called” to take my tarot readings from personal guidance and reading for family to a professional level.

I’ve been studying Tarot for the past 3 years through Hay House I’ve completed The Certified Card Reader course and Radliegh Valentine’s Certified Angel Tarot course. I have also completed Lisa Boswell’s Tarot course and I’m studying to become a Certified Tarot reader with Biddy Tarot. I believe that my past and ongoing study helps me to be a skilled and ethical reader offering a professional service to those seeking guidance through Tarot.

Why Celtic Wolf Tarot??
I wanted to create a business name that was unique as well as having a personal connection. One night I found the Celtic Zodiac online buildingbeautifulsouls.com and my Zodiac sign is The Celtic Wolf.

My vision for Celtic Wolf Tarot is to create a place for people to experience professional readings and a space to share my knowledge of tarot with a monthly blog where I will share tarot tips, spreads, the history of tarot, and more…

Thank you for reading