9 The Hermit

As you know, this second blog post has been posted much later than I intended when I started the blog…

There are many reasons for this, partly due to changing my day job and the stresses of daily life during the challenging times we are in, but mostly I’ve been busy completing my Biddy Tarot Certification! Hopefully things will be more on schedule from now on.

Because of my recent retreat from the internet and most of us spending time at home through lockdown, I felt that the Hermit would be an appropriate card to share for this post.

9 The Hermit (The Wise Man)

Key Words:  going within, retreat, solitude.

In Rider Waite, the Hermit is seen as an older man, sanding on what seems to be a mountain holding a lantern in his right hand and a staff in his left hand. He is facing to the left so there is a chance that this wise man has brought illumination to something from your past (if you are using a spread with multiple cards pay attention to what he is shining his lantern on) take time to connect with the card and what it may be illuminating for you.

This card may also be a call to take some time out for quiet contemplation, study or meditation.

Blog post No.1 The Dreamer                          (The Fool)

Key Words: New beginnings, faith, spontaneity.

For this blog I have decided to go through each of the 78 cards in order starting with the Major Arcana and continuing through each of the four suits.
The Major Arcana represent major life themes or life lessons, When a Major Arcana card comes up be sure to pay particular attention to it and anything significant that is happening in your life.
The first card in the tarot deck, a journeyer, an adventurer, a willing participant taking a leap of faith…
In Rider Waite and some Rider Waite inspired decks, The Fool card depicts a young man with a small dog as a companion about to step off a cliff… but is he? Or is he simply stepping onto a ledge? There’s simply no way to tell… This picture is certainly true of some situations in life, we have no way to tell what our next step might bring, we just need to take a leap of faith!
As a person the fool card may indicate someone who is pure of heart, optimistic, enthusiastic, spontaneous, courageous and sometimes impulsive. This card can also represent an intuitive person willing to follow the guidance of the divine.
The dreamer can indicate a time in your life where you need to do something spontaneous – you might decide to make a big move to a new state or country, decide to go to university later in life, make a big career change, new or anything that creates a new beginning in your life.
A journey of self-discovery may take you on a spiritual journey through meditation or retreat
You may have a strong desire to try something new and exciting.
A faith that brings a feeling of security, even when the path ahead may be risky.
The Dreamer can also be a call to follow your inner guidance, so make sure you take the time to listen…