The Suit of Cups has a connection to the element of water; water is flowing and calming, but can also be powerful . This suit is our emotions, intuition, relationships and home.

Ace: A new beginning in the home, family, relationships or new emotional connection.

Two: Friendships, deep emotional connection, a soulmate coming into your life, balance, a happy relationship.

Three: A party or celebration with friends, success, joy, harmony and co-operation.

Four: Balance and consistency, may indicate boredom or having enough of a situation.

Five: Experience of loss, not being aware of what you have.

Six: Kindness, co-operation and harmony, generosity, happy memories.
Seven: A choice or decision, new opportunities.

Eight: Completion of a project, walking away from something, moving on from a situation with though and reflection.

Nine: Your wishes and dreams will become reality. Fulfillment, accomplishment and pride.

Ten: living your dream, a happy family, happy marriage or partnership

Page: A new addition to the home, overwhelm, a small romantic gesture or show of love, creativity.

Knight: Moving home or renovating, a relationship moving forward, creative, romance and charm.

Queen: Focus on the home and your family, a nurturing environment, compassion, intuition, in flow with life.

King: Emotional control and balance, diplomacy, calmness.