The Major Arcana 0 – 10

0 The Fool – The first card in the tarot deck, a journeyer, an adventurer, a willing participant taking a leap of faith…
An intuitive person willing to follow the guidance of the divine. A faith that brings a feeling of security, even when the path ahead may be risky.
As a person the fool card may indicate someone who is pure, optimistic, enthusiastic, spontaneous, courageous and sometimes impulsive.
A Journey of self-discovery
A desire to try something new
A call to follow your inner guidance

1 The Magician – The creator of the tarot deck, The Magician shows us that we have the ability to manifest our dreams.
Originality, creativity, the ability to enhance your skills.

2 The High Priestess – The mysteries of life; strong intuition and psychic abilities that may not be known to you. Wisdom, the light and shade of life.
As a person The High Priestess may indicate someone who is wise, calm, spiritual and discreet. This person can also be mysterious and secretive.

3 The Empress – Motivation and confidence, focus, creativity. A need to take care of yourself.
A mother or mother figure, a wife, a nurturer, a generous and compassionate person.

4 The Emperor – Ambition, stability, organization, accomplishment.
A father or father figure, someone who has authority or a high social standing. This card may indicate a person who is able to offer you stability in life. Can sometimes be stubborn and inflexible.

5 The Hierophant – seeking advice, study, spiritual study, tradition, commitment, marriage, letting go and forgiving the past.
A spiritual teacher. A disciplined and conservative person, who is committed to their faith, friends, family, job, or anything that is of importance to them.

6 The Lovers – Love, romance, matters of the heart, commitment, desire, harmony, openness and honesty in a relationship.

7 The Chariot – Willpower, focus, keeping your focus, determination.
You may being pulled in two directions…

8 Strength – Strength in kindness and compassion, staying strong in hard times, inner strength, the ability to care for others, patience, perseverance and tolerance.

9 The Hermit – Wisdom, spiritual retreat, reflecting on your past, re-evaluating your lifestyle or spiritual beliefs. Shedding light on important issues.

10 The Wheel of Fortune – A significant though usually positive change, a shift in consciousness, true happiness is coming to you.