The Suit of Pentacles

I will be adding more information to each suit as time goes on as well as writing a monthly blog post for each of the 78 cards in detail, starting with The Dreamer (0 Fool).

Ace: A new beginning in work, career or finance

Two: Balancing finance, the need for a work / life balance

Three: Working as a team, using your talents

Four: Money consuming your thoughts

Five: Poverty state of mind, being in need but not wanting to seek help

Six: Charity, giving to charity, generosity, giving your time or money to someone in need

Seven: Watching your hard work come to fruition, a successful new project, satisfaction at work

Eight: Mastering a skill, hard work, craftsmanship

Nine: Wealth, financial stability, being content with life

Ten: Financial stability, stable home / family life, security, living comfortably

Page: A focus on finance, a message regarding financial matters or money,

Knight: A young man who is good with finance and careful not to take risks

Queen: Focus on finance, a working mother, fertility, a nature lover

King: Success in business, wealthy but can also be generous, a decision maker, authority figure