I will be adding more information to each suit as time goes on as well as writing a monthly blog post for each of the 78 cards in detail, starting with The Dreamer (0 Fool).

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Ace: A new beginning in strength, a place of power, intellect, truth, communication, logical thought.

Two: Indecision, denial, avoidance, unable to take action due to inner conflict, conflict of heart and mind.

Three: heartache, emotional turmoil, heartache, being hurt by someone, betrayal.

Four: A time of reflection and contemplation before taking action. Taking time out to regroup, thinking logically.

Five: A victory, a victory that may come with a cost. An ending of conflict or a challenging situation.

Six: Travel, moving to a new place or away from a situation you no longer wish to be in. A bad situation you wish to escape from.

Seven: deceit – this could be self-deceit or being deceived by another. Avoiding the truth of a situation, theft of intellectual property.

Eight: defensiveness, feeling vulnerable, unable to make progress due to fear, being trapped by your own mind.

Nine: Worry, anxiety, nightmares, sleepless nights, a lot of concerns on one’s minds, an indication that it is time to let go of needless worry.

Ten: a bad situation coming to an end. May also indicate someone who is playing the victim.

Page: the need to take a small stand, cautiousness, a short conflict.

Knight: moving towards your goals quickly, courage to go for what you want, a quick thinker, determination.

Queen: metal strength, sharp, witty, doing things with intention and purpose, truth, wisdom, being open to new ideas, the ability to see the truth of a situation.

King: Strength and determination, logic, reason, authority, communication, the ability to make a wise decision.