Ace: A new beginning in study, beliefs, or a creative project.

Two: Considering your options, planning your next move or manifesting your future.

Three: business or trading, hard work paying off, or working with others.

Four: Balance and harmony, a celebration, a wedding or ceremony.

Five: Conflicting ideas, a challenging situation, a battle of wills.

Six: Success, a warm welcome, building a good reputation, being an inspiration to others

Seven: having the upper hand in a situation, feeling threatened or defensive, the need to stay on top of things.

Eight: A situation moving fast, taking immediate action, something coming together very quickly.

Nine: Feeling on guard, vulnerable, coming up with a strategy, being prepared.

Ten: The final push to the end of a situation or project, taking a new direction.

Page: A message, a small step towards a new creative project, enrolling in a course.

Knight: Taking action in study, writing, or a career in the field of communication (counsellor, call center, public speaker).

Queen: A strong sense of self, business mind, a good listener or communicator.

King: Innovative, energetic, passionate, you may also be feeling impatient at this time or someone in your life is being impatient.