11 Justice – Justice, balance, seeking legal advice, a lawyer, court, contracts harmony, commitment fairness and responsibility.

12 The Hanged Man – A time of stillness, suspense, a time of waiting, transition, a change of consciousness.

13 Death – an ending that will make way for new beginnings. A transformative time, then ending of a relationship, job or beliefs that no longer serve your highest good.

14 Temperance – Temperance, abstaining from drugs or alcohol, balance of the physical and spiritual worlds, brining your spiritual practice into your daily life.

15 The Devil – False feeling of entrapment, a toxic relationship, giving into temptation, materialism, addiction, egotism, unhealthy obsession,

16 The Tower – A sudden and dramatic change, that needs to happen to get you back on the right path. Unexpected events that may bring chaos and disruption.

17 The Star – Strong spiritual connection, awareness of your soul’s purpose, tranquility, peace, intuition, serenity and hope.

18 The Moon –Intuition, inner knowing, meditation, a changing situation – things are not always as they seem.

19 The Sun – An abundance of happiness, joy, enthusiasm, enthusiasm for a new project, job or relationship, gratitude for what you have.

20 Judgement – Judgement of life, time to bury the past, welcome a new phase of life, transformation, learn to forgive without forgetting.

21 The World – Stepping into a new cycle of life. You have the world ant your feet and opportunities are yours for the taking, fulfilment and freedom.